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Friday Friday...Except It's Saturday Again...And I'm Still Poeming About Breakfast Treats...So Maybe Sweet Saturday?!

Cinnamon Rolls
Last night
I dreamed
of sweet and buttery
and cinnamonny cinnamon rolls,
fluffy fragrant bites of bliss
to fill each crevice in my week-worn self
     --I know, I know:
     my tummy and true heart
     tangle terribly
     confusing culinary comfort with     
     healthy happiness.

And so
this morning
a slave to the sweet reward
of sugary buttery cinnamon solace,
     I sift and I measure
     and mix and knead
     and roll and slather
     and roll and slice
     and grease and place
     and rise
     and wait
     and bake
     and wait
and savor the smells
     of flour and butter and sugar
but not
     the cozy
     and comforting
     sweet and so spicy
     the dreamed of
     the thought of
     the absently-mindedly
     scent of the cinnamon.

©2017 Rebekah Hoeft

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