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Scrumptious Saturday: Lemon Curd Edition

It does not sound scrumptious.


It brings to my mind cottage cheese which, while tasty, is not exactly mouthwateringly delectable.

But pair it with the word still my heart.

Laura Purdie Salas, over at Writing The World For Kids, posted another picture prompt and invited her readers to quickly write a poem of 15 words or less.  Her penguin poem used the word lemon curd to describe the sun.  That was the end of penguin inspiration for me.

Upon Secretly Making Lemon Curd When Lemon-Loving Child Is Not Home

so luscious
so divine

luxuriously scrumptious
so sweet
so tart
so mine

ⓒ Rebekah Hoeft February 2018

Have you tried it?  It's easy to make.  Sweet. Citrusy.   Bright and cheerful.

It's a good mood in a pan.

I've made a batch or two in my lifetime.  I'm not loyal to one recipe--you can find recipes at some of my go-to tasty treat sites here, here, and here

Alas, I have only one lemon and two eggs in my fridge.  What's a lemon-…

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