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Writing Contest Tip

Last year, for Susanna Leonard Hill's Valentiny contest, I wrote a story about a mom and daughter planning a special Valentine's dinner.
It was well over the 214 word limit.

Shocking, I know.

So I edited and tweaked and hacked mercilessly and got it down to the required 214 words.

I was proud.

I submitted it blithefully. Win or lose, I was content, knowing I'd written a Valentiny story that fit the requirements and told the story I wanted to tell.

But then...


Pro amateur tip:

When writing stories for contests that have a set theme (like "write a Valentine's story") and a short word limit which requires a purging of many words (so many words), make sure you hold on to a few that, you know, fit the theme.

Like "Valentine's dinner" and "special Valentine's dessert" or "Valentine's Day  was doubly-filled with double scoops of love."   
Cheesy but effective in actually writing a Valentine's Day story.

This is wh…

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