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Thankful Thursday: Here and There

In an effort to have my bits of writing (that are currently scattered over the Interweb) in one spot, this page's function is to catalog where my bits (polished and unpolished and in between) can be found.  Or at least the places I can remember that they can be found.   Shoot.  Probably should have kept track of that.
And also, most importantly, it's an ongoing thank you to the hosts of the blogs I haunt--they are inspiring, confidence-building, and generous with their own time and blog space.  Check out their blogs if you're in need of some inspiration.

Ed DeCaria (of Think Kid Think) March Madness and Madness Poetry Contests
Ed has been hosting a poetry contest for adults who love to write poetry for children since 2012.  I'm convinced he's a robot, because he also holds down a job and presumably takes care of his family during this event, which surely takes up more than 24 hours of his day.
The contest starts with 64 authletes (poets) -- 32 pairs of authletes co…

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