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Susanna Leonard Hill's 4th Annual Valentiny Writing Contest: Eve and Mort

Eve and Mort by Rebekah Hoeft 214 words
Eve folded, cut, and glitter glued so many Valentines that you'd
be certain she had made enough for all
her class of twenty-eight, plus two-- a card for Mrs. Mackenrue and one for her best friend across the hall--
but you'd be wrong, for Eve was short by one sweet heart.  I must report it was no accident that Mort was missed.
For he on playground three days past had beat her in a race; aghast she claimed, "He cheats!" and bopped Mort with her fist.
So she was sent to Mrs. Brahm who shrilled, "Detention!," called her mom, who picked Eve up and grounded her for life;
or so it felt to Eve:  "Not fair!" She pouted, stomped, and vowed, "I swear I'll never be a friend to Mortie Drife."
On Valentine's she made her move  to show him up; with hearts she'd prove that she was not his friend and never would
forgive him for his besting her, for stealing "Fastest Kid," no sir, but when she …

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