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Instruction Poems by...not me.

It's May.  
The 30th.
I think maybe I need to stop committing to a poem a day during April's Poetry Month festivities.  Or ever.  Because life makes me a liar.  :)
But today, I do have poems for you.  But not by me.  My third graders are a spectacular bunch of kids who happen to love poetry--hearing it...reading it...writing it.
Michelle, over at Today's Little Ditty, had a great interview with Elizabeth Steinglass, who gave a challenge:  write a poem of instruction to an inanimate object
My kids tried it and, as usual, did a great job.   We try to write quick poems--I give them between 10-20 minutes to write a poem and we decided to not worry about rhythm or rhyme (though some couldn't stop themselves--I totally understand!) but instead to focus on making good word choices.
Happy reading!

Instructions for Crayons Be pink for a drink. Be green for a bean. Be yellow for Jello. Be red for bread. Be blue for clues. Black...oh, black for a black Cadillac.  


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