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Susanna Leonard Hill's Teensie Tiny Halloweensie Story Contest

Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting her 8th Annual Halloweensie story contest. Head to her site or to the bottom of this post for more information.

The Plan 100 words by Rebekah Hoeft

Princess stirs the bubbling concoction.  In the flickering firelight, her tarnished crown and tattered dress look eerily royal.
Jester and Bear arrive as something howls in the dusky distance. The group shivers and huddles by the fire.
"All is as planned," Princess says. "None will resist."
Concerned, Bear peers into the cauldron.  "Will there be enough, you think?"
Jester cackles. "Of course! Princess plots perfectly.”  

A lone figure emerges out of the shadowed woods. 
“Look. It begins."
"Trick-or-treat?" Mouse says timidly.
Princess smiles kindly.  "Welcome. Come. Warm yourself.” 

She offers Mouse a cup of cocoa.“Nice costume, Keith.  Happy Halloween!”
© October 2018  Rebekah Hoeft

Per usual, Susanna's rules are simple:
1.  Super teeny tiny story:  100 wor…

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